Sook Pieces works with sizes for chains and bracelets to ensure that you purchase the perfect fitting jewelry that suits you best. This sometimes raises questions with customers. Which of course makes perfect sense. How do I measure the size I need now? For this reason, Sook Pieces provides an explanation of how you can best determine your size. 

Measuring your wrist:
There are two ways how you can measure your wrist, namely by means of a measuring tape or a strip of paper. 

Measuring tape:
You put the measuring tape around your wrist and if all is well you can see how many centimeters your wrist is. This is the easiest way for most people. And the most secure one! 

Strip of paper:
If you don't have a tape measure at home, which makes perfect sense;), you can also measure your wrist by putting a piece of paper around your wrist. You do have to draw a line how big your wrist is. 
Deze leg je langs een liniaal en ziezo daar heb je de maat van je pols. 

Measuring for a necklace:
The length of the necklace that Sook Pieces describes is the total length. When you have a tape measure, you can put it around your neck and measure it. This way you can see if the length that Sook Pieces offers is suitable. Do you want a different length? State this in the remark. Often this is not a problem. 
If you do not have a tape measure, you can also use a strip of paper. You then take the same steps as when measuring your wrist. 

If the measurement does not work, don't be embarrassed and contact us with peace of mind! We are happy to answer your question. 

Measuring a ring:
Sook Pieces works with different forms of rings. For example, the ring may consist of beads strung on elastic or of metal. The ring can be adjustable or has a fixed size. 
Sook Pieces indicates the ring size in diameter (mm). 
You can measure the ring size in different ways.

How to measure a comfortable ring:
An easy way to determine the ring size is this method. There is always a ring that you like. This way you are assured of the right size. 
Place the fine ring with the center on a ruler or a tape measure. Make sure you take the center point as the measurement point and make sure that the ring lies between the units of measurement. Place the inside of the ring on the 0 cm and read the number of millimeters on the other side. Now you have the inner diameter of the ring size. 

Use of a strip of paper or ribbon.   
If you do not have a ring on hand, you can easily measure the ring size by measuring the circumference of the finger. You can do this by wrapping a strip of paper or a ribbon around your finger. Draw a line on the strip of paper where the end of the strip touches the paper, or cut the ribbon there. Place this along a ruler or measuring tape and voilà, this is the circumference ring size. 
Now you can convert this size into the table below and you know which size for a ring you can order! 

Ring size table:

Diameter ring size (mm)Circumference ring size (mm)US ringsize

Measuring hairband:
Hair bands are sold in two sizes at Sook Pieces. In ladies' sizes and in children's sizes. Below you can see which sizes Sook Pieces uses. 
1. Ladies hairband
2. Children's hairband 

Ladies hairband
The ladies' hairband is on average between 100-110 cm long at Sook Pieces, so that you can wrap it well in your hair. Whether you can put a bow in it. 

Children's hairband
The children's hairbands are between 80-95 cm long. 
80 cm is generally suitable for children up to 8-10 years. When in doubt, measure the circumference of the head with an inch. 
When the hair band is 90-95 cm, it would also suit an adult with a head that is not too wide. 

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