Sook Pieces works with different materials and always tries to find good quality. 
We like to work with wooden, glass, acrylic and natural stone beads. 

Colored or painted:
With wooden, glass and acrylic beads there is a difference in how the bead is colored. This can be done in two ways
to process the color when the bead is made or by spraying a thin layer of paint on the bead, when the bead is already made. 
If the color has already been incorporated into the product before it becomes a bead, this means that the color fastness is good. When a layer has been sprayed over the bead, it may happen that this layer comes off because the bead is damaged or comes into contact with external conditions such as water, perspiration, etc. Compare it to the paint of your car. When you go over it with a sharp object, let go of the paint. This will also be the case with the paint applied to the beads. 

Plated gold or silver elements:
In addition, Sook Pieces incorporates many gold and silver elements in her jewelry. Think of beads, charms and clasps. 
These elements are plated in 95% of the cases. 
Plated is method of processing. This means that a thin layer of 12 carat gold or 925 Sterling silver has been sprayed over the element, making the outside look and feel like a full gold or silver element. The advantage of this is that the price can be kept low and Sook Pieces is able to use these elements in many of its jewelery items. The disadvantage is that it remains a layer, which is more vulnerable when it is 100% gold or silver. As a result, it can happen that the layer wears out with much wear. Or in case of improper use, the layer will wear earlier and you will see the layer of cheaper metal underneath. 

Sterling silver and Gold filled elements:
Sook Pieces also works with 100% Sterling silver and gold-plated materials. 
The difference between plated and gold-plated gold is that a very thin layer of copper is applied during plating. This layer is estimated to consist of a maximum of 0.05% of the total weight of the item from gold. With gold-plated elements, multiple layers are often applied to a brass metal. This is 12 or 14 carat gold and has 5% of the total weight of the element. For this reason, these elements will wear much less quickly. 
With proper use, these elements will last a lifetime, as is the case with gold jewelery. 

The advice of Sook Pieces is to handle your jewelry with care. Avoid water as much as possible. It can also respond to the acidity of your skin or when you perspire more in the summer. 

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