Since 2016 you can find Sook Pieces as a jewelry / accessories brand. It is a small brand that focuses on the buyer who loves handmade, colorful, high-quality items. Sook Pieces stands for pure pieces that are made by hand. Every combination, every bead, every element that has been added is considered. Pure materials are increasingly being used. Think of precious gemstones, crystal, sterling silver or gold plated gold. The idea behind this is that pure materials deliver quality and thereby carry an extra meaning.

The face behind Sook Pieces is Sungi Verhaar. From an early age she has always been busy drawing, designing clothing and jewelry. But also the manufacture thereof. In 2013 she graduated from the Fashion Academy in The Hague. After a turning point to continue her work as a nurse and now a teacher, her creative side always continued to pull. For this reason she started Sook Pieces to delight other people with her creativity.
In addition to designing and assembling jewelry and accessories, Sungi is a wife, mother of two girls, a nursing teacher at the University of Applied Sciences and a photographer. This is the ideal combination for her to combine her creativity with family life and to train a new nurse.
Because Sook Pieces started to become too big, Sungi unfortunately had to decide to sell her products in limited edition versions in her webshop. Small amounts of jewelry are also available at Juffrouw Saartje and Nonna Nini in Nijmwegen. When you want to buy international, and don't want to buy here, you can send a request so we can add the jewelry you have chosen to our Etsy Shop. In other days, our Etsy shop is empty.

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